Fingers and toes

Love your nails at the fab salon with our highly trained and skilled technicians, enjoy being pampered and choose from the wide range of colour’s and options available. Gel nails with an amazing array of colour’s and why not add hand painted nail art for just 50p per nail, poly gel nails a natural feeling artificial nail to give you that glamourous look and feel.

We also offer manicures and pedicures so why not sit back, relax and let Fab take the strain out of your day.


Gel Nails

Solid colour£27
Gel French£28
Gel finger feature nails£28
Gel mani: includes arm and hand massage£35
Gel pedi: includes foot massage£37
Gel toes includes removal£25
Soak off and tidy£20


Full set with Gel£38
Infills every 2/3 weeks£33

Shape and Polish

Using normal polish£20
Manicure normal polish£30
Pedicure normal polish£35

Gents fingers & toes

Hand and nail groom£20
Foot groom£30

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